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Companies face a fiercely competitive landscape to increase sales and expand their community. Managing various social media channels is time-consuming, while consumers have developed short attention spans with advertisement overload. To fix this problem, AC3 built the tools that allow a company to find and retain an advocate base.

We help companies acquire their first 1,000 brand advocates, which provides a strong foundation to scale growth at a low cost. Creating brand loyalty requires trust so we designed our application with trust as the focal point. We guarantee quality engagements with easy to understand analytics and metrics. The sign-up process for companies and earners is simple and takes less than a minute.

The AC3 Page is a global application with customizable sections. These sections are a digital store and the assignment application. AC3 provides a lower cost for creators to increase their social media reach and sell more products. Users are more engaged with creators, earn from accomplishing assignments and purchase products directly from the company they support.

Case Studies

How AC3 is helping other businesses to reach their goals.


ICON already has massive adoption in South Korea, where the company was founded, but how do they expand into new countries to source quality blockchain projects for their accelerator? AC3 worked with ICON to help them find evangelists.

See how ICON Foundation grew 113K+ TWITTER FOLLOWERS and got the word out about their global expansion.

Full Icon story here


Crowdfunding campaigns are an excellent way to reward your early adopters. NowKeto recently launched a campaign on StartEngine, where users could invest as little as $105 to own stock in the company. But, how do you get the message out there when the company is still very young? AC3 has the solution!

Take a look at how NowKeto used AC3 to build their social media following and attract new investors. 43% GROWTH in Twitter followers after just 7 day.

Full NowKeto story here

Hacksaw Academy

Despite all the benefits of a free trial, it only works if people know about it. That’s why Hacksaw Academy leveraged AC3. We helped them grow their audience on social media and convert visitors to customers.

See how Hacksaw Academy tripled user adoption overnight and significantly grew their facebook base. 3X Number of signups for free trial.

Full Hacksaw Academy story here


Cred is the leader in crypto-backed credit with $250 Million in lending capacity. To get their message out, Cred turned to AC3. They launched a campaign on AC3’s platform to drive tremendous social media growth.

See how AC3 helped CRED build buzz around the launch of their new LBA Token with an AC3 Campaign. 19K+ Interactions with Cred’s Tweet from AC3 Campaign.

Full Cred story here

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